10 Fantastic MLM Books


Books are a great medium to help us learn about a certain topic and what better way to delve right into mlm than by reading an informative and resourceful mlm book.

Do you ever feel like you are being lied to by your mlm company or your upline? If so, you might be right. As it happens, there is a lot of hype in this industry and many people get tempted to lie in order to grow their business. It isnt right, but it happens.

This also applies to books written for this industry. Many are filled with useless facts that are outdated, hyped up or downright lies.

In the years I was in mlm I have amassed a massive library of great books that helped me to further myself both as person and in business. Even though I failed ultimately in my mlm business, I have gained such valuable skills that my next business became a full blown success in a relative short amount of time.

The following 10 mlm books will help you to gain a better understanding about this intricate industry and allow you to further your knowledge. All of these can be ordered from Amazon.

1.) Your First Year In Network Marketing (by Mark Yarnell and Rene Reid imageYarnell)
This book was one of the best I ever read on the topic of network marketing. It explains in detail how you can overcome rookie mistakes and build your business one step at the time.

2.) MLM Handbook (by Peter Spary and John Pierce)
This is a weapon of mass destruction both for new network marketers and those familiar to the game. The book is loaded with great tips, information and plenty of tips on how you can build your mlm.

3.) The MLM Roadmap (by Ray H. Duncan)
If you ever wanted a map to build your business, here it is. The MLM Roadmap is wonderful – step by step instruction on how you build a successful mlm team. It even includes scripts for advertising and much more.

4.) Be A Recruiting Superstar (by Mary Christensen)
If you dream of mlm riches, fame and admiration, then this book is for you. Take American idol and combine it with mlm and you have the formulation that can make you the next mlm superstar.

5.) The 45 Second Presentation (by Don Failla)
If you are in network marketing, then this book is and absolute must have! It is a timeless classic that has delighted thousands of people before you and will continue to do the same for years to come.

6.) MLM Nuts And Bolts (by Jan Ruhe)
Jan is one of the true heroes of mlm. She has a rags to riches story. She went from 6 figures in debt to a millionaire in the Network Marketing business. Her books are amongst the best within the industry and if you consider buying one book, then buy hers.

7.) Your Best Year In Network Marketing (by Mark Yarnell)
Another classic from Mark in which he bringing you the low down on the common network marketing pitfalls and shows you ways to fast track your business like you never knew before.

8.) The Wellness Revolution (by Paul Zane Pilzer)
Who wouldnt know this famous book within the industry. It has been talked about endlessly but if you read the information, you will know why.

9.) Why Youre Dumb, Sick & Broke (by Randy Gage)
image If there is anyone with charisma in the industry, it is Randy Gage. I respect he guy because he is outspoken like me and doesnt just take things at face value. While this book is not directly an instruction on how to run an mlm business, it is a straight forward approach to questioning what is being presented to you in a critical manner.

10.) MLM Made E-Z (by Garrett Adams)
Where would we be with a book list without the classic Dummies Guide. The title says it all, learn all there is on mlm and take your business to the next level.

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