5 Mistakes That Kill Your Site

If you are smart enough you already know by know that designing your own website or blog is the answer to being noticed amongst your competition. But designing a site isnt helpful, if the site carries all the potential mistakes that could have the opposing effect.

image Youll want to do things right. Unfortunately most of us have no idea what to do and how when they first come online. I didnt either. It took me months of self applied learning and studying what I came across to learn my ropes.

To save you this headache here are my five tips to help you avoid mistakes that have the potential to kill your site before you even get going.

  1. Dont stray off topic: the quickest way to confuse your readers is to go off topic on an industry related website. Just imagine what would happen if I started to blog about fashion on this blog. Definitely not a good idea.
  2. Stay within the one industry. When I first started out, I tried to cram all my online knowledge into the one blog. That was a huge mistake, since I couldnt attract a steady readership of like minded people. Staying within the same topic says you are the expert and allows others to trust you.
  3. Stay away from black templates. Black templates are not only yukky, they are hard to read and are most often used by black hatters only. Try to use a template that is easy on the eye, without garish colours to distract from the actual content.
  4. Be wary of huge graphics and slow loading images. While Im all for images to use with your blog content, it helps to keep them from being too large, otherwise your blog/site will load too slow and your visitors will click away.
  5. Write naturally. I see it too often, keyword stuffed blogs, making too much of an attempt to please the search engines, rather than the reader. Dont bother. If you write naturally your site will perform a lot better over time.

These are five tips to keep you on the right track. Whether you follow my advice or not is up to you. I hope you do though because it will aid you and your intentions.

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