Account opening, closing, or management

I was depositing a XXXX Bank check ( made out to me ) at my Wells Fargo Bank branch on XXXX XXXX in XXXX, WA. I ‘m a long standing customer with WFB, have XXXX thousands of $ s in my acct., a WFB visa card ( in excellent standing ) and a safe deposit box. The teller in question has seen me conducting business several times in the branch. As I was depositing my check ( no cash back requested ), she ” XXXX ” asked me : how did you come to have this check? I told her that was ” private info ” and she only said : I ‘m just making conversation. No mention from her about needing to ask me for ” bank ” reasons, just ” making conversation ”. I called the branch mgr. who seemed oblivious to the highly inappropriate and unprofessional action her teller had taken towards me. Later, something occurred to me. I ‘m XXXX XXXX and she is XXXX. I believe she ” profiled ” me as someone to watch out for, to be suspicious of, leading her to ask me ” how ” I ” got the check from XXXX bank. She should be ” officially ” reprimanded.

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