Account opening, closing, or management

I submitted a complaint in XX/XX/XXXX regarding a ” delinquent ” US bank line of credit with CFPB. I was rewarded my desired solution in that they were supposed to REMOVE the account from my credit report. What US bank did was mark the account as paid and closed, but what I ‘m currently finding out is that it still shows up on my credit report as a delinquent account and it is affecting not only my credit score, but I am not able to refinance my student loans from XXXX school because of it. It ‘s severely affecting my life once again with an account that was never delinquent and it was declared in my favor back in XX/XX/XXXX, but US bank never did their job. I ‘m assuming you can pull up the complaint from XX/XX/XXXX, which is why I ‘m sparing you the details of the issue. They should already be on file. The short hand version is that I closed my account with them in XX/XX/XXXX and they failed to close the account, made a new ” rule ” to charge accounts without a minimum balance and started to charge me every month without ever calling me or sending me any bill in the mail, so I was unaware of these accumulating charges with an account I assumed was closed. I never knew of the issue until I tried to get a mortgage loan and my lender found this on my report. They are very wrong in this situation and now they are wrong again and negatively affecting my credit once again.

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