Account opening, closing, or management

This is a complaint against First Hawaiian Bank for its grossly incompetent management of its supposedly new and improved website. I ‘ve been a customer since approximately 2003, and I have never had problems with my account as bad as I have in the last few months with the roll-out of the new site.

Tonight, I spent one hour trying very hard to access my account online and then trying to transfer funds. Along the way, I made two phone calls to FHB Online where I spoke with a total of four representatives. Not one of them had even the slightest clue of how badly the site was performing. Specifically, every time I tried to perform ANY operation, the site automatically displayed an error message. When I tried to make an external transfer FHB Online stopped the attempted transaction and said it would send a code to my phone for verification. But FHB never called my phone — even after an hour. The broken system did nearly the same thing when I tried to ( re ) add my XXXX account as an external account. FHB displayed a message that my XXXX account credentials were invalid. ( Yet these were the same credentials that I have been using on my XXXX account for years. So there was nothing wrong with my XXXX online ID, password, or pin. ) But far and away, the very worst issue was my truly sad experience with ” XXXX ” in the Online Banking Department. ( She said it was bank policy to refuse to provide her last name or even an employee number. ) Despite the incredible amount of time XXXX and I spent on the phone with her asking me the same questions over-and-over again, she could not understand that the FHB site was not performing as she expected it to. For example, she insisted there would be a blue arrow in front of my name. After asking me about this three times, I refused to answer the same question anymore. I had enough with the FHB site and its employees who were deeply in the dark about the site ‘s issues.

There is obviously something seriously wrong with the FHB website. It is not performing adequately. While I was on the phone with FHB, I had absolutely no problem accessing my XXXX and XXXX accounts. So the issue is not my connection — and hopefully not even my XXXX browser. Clearly my access to funds through the site is blocked. But I am far more concerned with FHB ‘s employees ‘ inability to troubleshoot, assist, or even acknowledge something is wrong.

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