Account opening, closing, or management

I am a customer for Wells Fargo customer for the second and final time. I have spent a total of 5 hours in the XXXX XXXX XXXX office trying to resolve my deceased fathers accounts. The manager XXXX XXXX was out on vacation today. Unfortunately, I was being helped by someone name XXXX. She was not familiar with the process. Between her and the legal department things went from bad to worst. She was trying to have a conversation with me and the legal department at the same time. She could n’t seem to get my name right not once. I was given the wrong forms to fill out. After she notarized them she realized they were all wrong. Although the process was lengthy the first time XXXX XXXX, 2016, it was handled professionally.
I could no longer continue business with such a unprofessional person ( XXXX ) so I left to deposit and cash a check for my personal account, on the teller side. Well things on that side was no better.. XXXX XXXX proceeded to tell me, very hostilely that it would be a {$10.00} fee for cashing a Wells Fargo cashier check and issuing another one minus XXXX. So, I stated I wanted to cash the entire check and take the cash. He then stated, ” that was not possible. Wells Fargo requires a 3 day notice for cashing such a large amount ( XXXX ). I asked him to wave the fee ( as they always did ), he again stated very hostilely, I will wave it today, for the last time. I really do n’t think I need to put up with such poor attitudes and lack of employee ‘s knowing banking policies. I did however receive excellent service from XXXX. What she did n’t know, she kindly stated that and politely found out the correct information. I have never, never received such poor service from this particular branch. In the future if XXXX XXXX is out, another person besides XXXX need to cover as a Manager. Their are other qualified and professional staff members that can maintain excellent customer service. There was no one to greet the customers and I sat for XXXX min. before I reached out for someone for help. XXXX XXXX XXXX walked right by me and placed another customer before me. That is when I spoke up. I will not be returning to this branch. As soon as my check clear I will be closing my account at Wells Fargo for the last time.

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