Account opening, closing, or management

My home suffered damage in a recent flood. The insurance adjuster came out and filed a report on the damage. Checks were issued, but the bank that holds the mortgage, Penny Mac, was also listed on the checks so we had to send the checks in to Penny Mac for endorsement before we could access the money. We sent in all information that was requested by Penny Mac, but the money was not released. When we called to find out what the problem was, we were told that because the loss department had changed locations, our documents could n’t be found so we would have to resend in the information. We were also told that there was another form that needed to be completed ( it was not in the original packet ) and would be faxed out to us since they could not email it. It would take 3 days for an approval on the fax. The fax never came. There was no record of the fax even being sent out and our money is still sitting in Penny Mac ‘s hands with no work being able to be done on the house. When asked to email information initially we were told that this could not be done, but after requesting a supervisor, we were told that it would be done. At this moment, we are still waiting for our money.

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