Account opening, closing, or management

On XXXX XXXX 2015, my XXXX son opened an account at the Chase Bank XXXX. with a XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX dollar check. he was told to come back in a few days to and the funds would be available, when he went back to the bank they told him they did not want him as a customer and they where sending back a check. before the check came he had to move due to an unsafe environment. they would reissue they check, and it would be another XXXX days and they where XXXX it never came. XXXX days later they said they needed to have papers filled out to reissue they check. in the mean time his XXXX ssi payment was put into the closed account, they said they would one time put the money in my account, they sent the moneys back to ssi any way now they have close to XXXX of his money its been a month and we cant get any real answers or his money. I have been into the bank at least XXXX times a week its a XXXX, mile round trip from my house. I call them almost daily, all I get is its corporate, and they are doing everything they can. if we had not moved him home he would be XXXX. XXXX i believe he would have XXXX. my e-mail is XXXXXXXXXXXX. my phone number is XXXX please help usThank You. XXXX XXXX

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