Account opening, closing, or management

I opened a Citigold checking account with Citibank on XXXX XXXX, 2016. I entered the promo code ” XXXX ”, which was for a XXXX ThankYou Points bonus after making qualifying bill pays with the account. I have a screenshot of when I opened the account, showing that I have entered the promo code and the terms and conditions. I made the qualifying bill pays in XXXX. Now, I have contacted Citi to see when I ‘ll be receiving the promotion, and their services department tells me I was never targeted for this promotion and I wo n’t be given the promotion. I ‘ve looked through my files and emails, but have n’t found the letter or email that had the original promo code on it. I have attached a screen shot from when I opened the account, with the promo code and rules. How can they take away the promotion after I ‘ve met the qualifications? If I was never targeted for this promotions, why did they let me open the account, give me a promotion disclosure with the rules, meet the rules and wait all this time before finally telling me, after I had to contact them, that they are n’t giving it out?

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