Account opening, closing, or management

I am indisputably owed {$2500.00} from Chase. I was a victim of identity fraud through my Chase checking account when, on XXXX XXXX, 2016, a Chase banker issued a new chip debit card to someone impersonating me in West Virginia while I was traveling in XXXX and that person used that new card to withdraw {$2500.00} from my account. Because of this, Chase closed my checking account but withheld the {$2500.00} from me because it was still ” under investigation. ” Chase completed the investigation and acknowledged on or about XXXX XXXX that the {$2500.00} was fraudulently withdrawn and that the remaining funds Chase kept while conducting the investigation ( {$2500.00} ) should be returned to me. I have made multiple calls to Chase and each representative told me to wait for the claim to be finalized before I would receive my {$2500.00} back and that they had until XXXX XXXX, 2016 to do so. I do now know why it took them another six weeks to finalize a claim that had been resolved XX/XX/XXXX. The claim was in fact finalized on XXXX XXXX and I was told a {$2500.00} check would be released to me and that I had to wait for 7-10 business days for this to arrive in the mail. I did NOT receive this check by XXXX XXXX and called again on XXXX XXXX and was told the funds were still ” in suspension ” and had not been released yet but was promised that they would be released in 1-2 days and then a check overnighted to me and that I would receive a check by Monday XXXX XXXX. I did NOT receive a check by XXXX XXXX, so I called again and being told again that I must wait another 10 business days to receive this check. I have called to manage this at least 15 times over the past 3 months since this identity theft occurred. I have been told repeatedly that I needed to wait to receive a check and the new deadline passes and then I ‘m told to wait again. I speak with a different person each time, including multiple supervisors, who all promise to call me back but I have never received even one phone call back. No one will give me a way to reach them so I start over each time with a new person each time I call. Each time I call I am then told something different by someone else, regardless of what ” the notes ” say from my prior call, and each time I am told to wait again. It is now 20 days past the finalization of this claim and there is still no one who will assure me that this {$2500.00} is being sent to me.

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