Account opening, closing, or management

I closed XXXX accounts with my bank when I moved out of State. The bank acknowledged that I was closing the accounts and provided me with closing statements and checks for the remaining balance in the accounts. Apparently, the bank accounts were closed but the debit cards were not canceled. Subsequently there have been charges made against the closed accounts. The problem started when the bank notified me that the account was overdrawn because a charge on the debit card caused the account to be reopened and the charge paid. After speaking with the bank location where my old account was, the charge was reversed and the overdraft fee was forgiven and I was assured that this would not happen again. I then double checked to make sure there were no pending automatic payments with any entity I conduct transactions with. Since then there was another transaction with the same results. This time the bank can not tell me who charged the closed account other than ” an international transaction ” and began pursuing me for payment. I then reported the new charge to the bank fraud department and again asked the bank why the debit cards still remains active. The customer service rep then said it would be a couple of days for the card to become inactive. After many phone calls to customer service, not only have they failed to close the debit cards, there are more charges being applied to this closed account and they are again pursuing me for payments.

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