Account opening, closing, or management

I had a personal account that had a returned deposit because of fraud committed against me in 2015. I provided proof of this fraud which was also used to open accounts with other banks. Bank of America stated they removed me off of XXXX and XXXX, which was already done the year prior. I had a business account with them in good and regular standing that was recently closed after I was approved for Merchant services and upgraded my account. Which apparently triggered a hotfile attached to me. This hot file was caused by someone stealing money from another account I wrote a check transferring funds out of town. When I got back I immediately made the account positive. They removed negative reporting but placed me on a hotfile. They closed my corporate account with no notice, one that I am a signor on costing my company thousands of dollars. They will not let me withdraw my funds, they will not be accommodating in any way shape or form and they refuse to act in good faith. I want to be removed off of the hotfile. I want an apology, and I want to be assured this issue is resolved. Bank of America has blatantly not allowed me to solve this issue. They have been abusive, they have never responded to my request. I sent a packet to their internal group 4 times. They have been extremely abusive.

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