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JP Morgan Private Bank has engaged in a series of petty, abusive harassments for years and has refused to provide basic banking services on our checking and savings accounts for as long. Furthermore, there is ample evidence that it is quite and consistently disingenuous in denying these allegations, much less, remedying them. It again engaged in such hostilities when I sought to get checks and an ATM card recently, neither of which I ‘ve been able to obtain for years from it because of its perpetual harassments, deceptions, and denial of basic services that are suppose to obtain to our accounts and which we should be able to reasonably expect.
Earlier this week I went into a Chase bank, as part of the JPMorganChase, N.A. conglomerate, XXXX, and spoke to a XXXX XXXX XXXX in an effort to obtain personal checks and an ATM card. He was affable and seemingly helpful, and told me that I would have the new checks and a new ATM card by today, Friday, XXXX XXXX 2016. Later in the same day that I met with him, he left a message on my home answering machine and said he needed to speak to me again about another ” security question ” but did not say what the question was. Altogether, I waited at XXXX XXXX ‘ desk for about 30 minutes when I met with him. He said at the time that his computer was slow as an explanation for the time it took to process my routine requests.
The next day I was in the area again on other business and stopped in to see him in response to his telephone message. He was not available when I arrived so I waited for about 10-15 minutes, then had to leave without seeing him. Before I did so, I spoke to XXXX the tellers in this tiny bank and asked her to please tell XXXX XXXX that I ‘d gotten his telephone message, had stopped in to see him, and to please call me with any additional questions but to indicate what they were if he had to leave a message again. I never heard from XXXX XXXX again prior to getting the new checks and ATM card.
Yesterday some checks and an ATM/debit card arrived. As usual, they were the wrong checks on the wrong bank and the ATM card appears to be on the wrong bank as well, although it is difficult to tell what bank it is on and where that bank may be located. I had brought samples of the checks we ‘d needed more of with me when I ‘d met with XXXX XXXX. He looked at them and kept them for some time before returning them. The checks are light blue with a silver band across the top. They are made by XXXX and, I believe, are called ” XXXX XXXX. ” I asked XXXX XXXX when I ‘d met with him if he had any sample checks so that I could check the names of the checks and he said that he did not, but he nevertheless assured me repeatedly that there would be no problem getting more of the same kinds of checks that we ‘d been using for 15 or more years. The checks I brought with me and showed to him clearly indicate that they are for a ” JP Morgan Private Bank ” XXXX. Copies of XXXX of them and a deposit slip from the other are attached to this complaint. I mentioned what I thought were the name of the checks, ” XXXX XXXX, ” to XXXX XXXX and told him many times that we wanted more of the same kinds of checks as those I ‘d brought and shown to him. That is, we wanted more of the XXXX, XXXX XXXX checks with the same information on them as the ones I ‘d shown him when I was there. He, in turn, assured me several times that we would get exactly what I ‘d requested via the XXXX mail to our home address before today.
In the copies of the original checks & deposit slip that are attached to this complaint, anyone can see that each kind differs from the other kind only in that one has XXXX of our names on this joint account, while the other has only the other joint holder ‘s name ( XXXX ) on them, as sometimes thi

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