Account opening, closing, or management

In XX/XX/2015 I had a checking account with Bank of America. At the time I was working for a local XXXX who paid me by Direct Deposit. At my pay cycle in XX/XX/XXXX my DP was issued, and bounced. The XXXX then wrote me a regular check which I deposited. The XXXX at the same time as writing me a manual check had attempted to push my Direct Deposit check through again. The direct deposit ended up going through so the XXXX immediately placed a stop pay on the manual pay check. While this was going on I was working with the branch manager to help me avoid any fees or problems with my account. Abruptly the manager and myself were told that my account was now going to be closed. They closed my account shortly after with a XXXX balance. But when I try to get an account somewhere else, I ‘m told I ca n’t get approved because Bank of America has flagged me as fraud. I have called and spent over 30 hours on the phone with them to resolve this, every time I am told the same thing ” we see that this is an error in our system but we can not resolve it you need to send a letter to our risk department. So I have, 4 times, and they have not responded to me one time. I do n’t know what to do at this point, I ca n’t get a bank account and this affects every part of my life. Please help.

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