Account opening, closing, or management

To Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, I am submitting a complaint related to wrongful advertisement and deceptive business practices from Citi Bank in regard to their Citigold bank account. In XXXX/XXXX/2016, I submitted an application for a Citigold bank account using promo code XXXX which I had received from Citibank. The promotion was set to end on XXXX/XXXX/2016. Not knowing if I was indeed targeted for this promotion, I was not sure if my application might be approved. Hence I had confirmed via chat with a Citi Bank representative named XXXX on XXXX/XXXX/2016 that the application will be processed, and that I qualified for the bonus offer of XXXX XXXX points upon meeting the promotion requirements : Within 60 days, complete a purchase of { {$1000.00} } or more with your Citigold Debit card and perform XXXX or more bill payments for XXXX consecutive calendar months. This information should be discoverable as all conversations are recorded by Citibank. After I met the promotion requirements, I contacted via phone Citibank to confirm this and to inquire when to expect the points to be posted. During this conversation, a service request was logged by customer services to open an investigation ( reference number XXXX ). On XXXX/XXXX/2016, I received a formal letter from XXXX XXXX, Director, client research, informing me that there was no AAdvantage miles promotion offered in conjunction with the opening of my account. See attached letter from Citibank. This letter contradicts all discussions I had with Citi at the time I opened the account and at activation. I would not have opened the bank account with Citibank if it was for this promotion. I anticipated to use the points to plan for a vacation. I am requesting Citi to honor the set promotion. If I was indeed not targetted for the promotion, Citi should have rejected my application for opening the new account using the promo code. And not do it when I have opened the account, met all the necessary requirements and when it comes time to pay out the bonus. Attached Screen capture of chat with Citi representative during my conversation before opening the account.

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