Account opening, closing, or management

I have been a customer for over a decade with PNC. Last year they convinced me to change my type of account promising no additional fees and only positive changes. The main selling point being that they would now pay for other financial institutions ATM service charges. Turns out, my previous account did n’t have PNC charges for non PNC ATMs. So this account had extra fees! I called in and asked to be reverted to my previous account type and was told it no longer existed and that was n’t an option. I was upset at the false information given to me, but as long as they were paying for both sides of the ATM charges that was ok. Now, less than a year later they are removing the main selling point feature of paying for other institutions ATM fees!! I stopped by a branch with no help. I called in to the service center with no help. And, when I referenced the CFPB it was escalated for a manager and I was put on hold for over XXXX minutes, with no help or changes! This was a deceptive marketing tactic used to get me out of a product they did n’t like anymore and then pull the main positive features of the new product with in a year!

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