Account opening, closing, or management

I started a SunTrust bank checking account online on XXXX/XXXX/2015. I was able to access the online portion and got my account and routing numbers so I could direct deposit my paycheck. When I checked back a few days later, I could n’t access the online banking. I called SunTrust, and they said they could n’t verify my identity, so I could n’t get online banking until they sent me a verification card to my address, that I would sign and mail back. After a few weeks, I still had not received the verification card, so I called back, and SunTrust informed me that my account was closed for ” rules violations ”, although they would not tell me what rules I violated. They gave me no warning that my account was about to be closed, or anything I could do to keep it open. They said the account would be closed and I would be sent a check. A few weeks after that, I receive a statement for my account, which I thought was closed. I called again ( XXXX/XXXX/15 ), and SunTrust informed me that my account was still in review to be closed, and I would not receive the paycheck I had deposited until the review was done. They could not give a time frame for the review to be done. I opened this account with a promotion, in which if I deposited over {$2000.00} I would receive {$200.00}, and I believe that because I was very close to achieving the promotional balance, they closed my account. Now they are refusing to send me back my money.

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