Account opening, closing, or management

I received an offer to open a Citibank gold checking account with a promotion code to receive XXXX miles after meeting certain criteria.
After opening the account I received an email stating that my request to open this checking account had been approved. I inquired to verify and the promotion was confirmed and I initiated opening funds for the account.
After I thought I had completed the requirements, I chatted ( see attached print out of chat ) to confirm I had done so, at which time I was made aware there was one more requirement I needed to complete. I asked how long I had and was given the date.
Again, I completed this requirement within the date given to me by the agent over chat ( see attached ) and I chatted again to verify completion. The Agent confirmed ” I see that you have successfully met the requirements ”. I asked how long it would take for the bonus to post and he said ” in the next statement cycle ”.
After the statement cycle when the bonus did n’t post, I called and confirmed and that I had met all of the requirements of the promotion. The Agent said they would file an investigation. Weeks went by and I did n’t hear back so I called again. This Agent said the investigation had been concluded and I had been sent notification ( that I never received ) stating I did n’t qualify and there was no promotion attached to the account, which was very confusing and frustrating to me since as you can see from the attached chat conversations that the promotion and my having met the requirements had been verified on several occasions. They asked me some questions and said they would file another investigation.
I just received another letter ( see attached ) saying that ” there was no promotion offered with your account ”. This is a direct contradiction to the information I received from several customer service agents stating that I was eligible for the promotion and that I had met all of the requirements for the promotion.
If at any time I was not eligible for this program or it was not connected to my account, I should have been advised of this on any of the occasions I inquired specifically about this promotion. This is deceitful and fraudulent on Citi banks part, all the while billing me {$30.00} in monthly fees to maintain this account while they try to deny me this promotion that clearly was the enticement to open this account in the first place.

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