Account opening, closing, or management

At XXXX, I discussed my overdrawn commercial act with local TD bank personnel who was very helpful and refunded half ( around {$50.00} ) the overdraft fees I had accumulated over the past 61 days of inactivity.
At XXXX on Tuesday, XXXX/XXXX/16 I deposited {$750.00} into the same commercial act. Later that same day I checked the account through the online TDBank app and saw that the first {$100.00} of the deposited check had been made available ; half paid the outstanding fees and roughly half showed up as the account balance.
On Wednesday, XXXX/XXXX/16, the commercial account no longer existed on my TDBank app. I went to the branch and they told me the account had been closed due to 60days of inactivity with a negative balance. So I asked them to deposit the check into my personal account.
On Tuesday, XXXX/XXXX/16, I still have not seen the check deposit show up in my account and was told that it still had not cleared. I complained.
I think the offsite, non-branch personnel closed the account knowing that there was a recent deposit because they did not agree to refunding back some of the overdraft fees.
I think they are withholding funds until they figure out ( and agree ) to charge me the full outstanding charges on the closed account.
* The bank manager just called ( XXXX/XXXX/16 ) and said they would deposit an amount, less half the outstanding fees, as agreed to in the beginning. Yeah!
In this instance, I think the local branch personnel who are generally very professional and customer-oriented were able to convince the offsite people to relent.

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