Account opening, closing, or management

My brother died XX/XX/XXXX. We were told to keep the Bank of America account open until his XXXX benefits were resolved. We started trying to close the account in XX/XX/XXXX. The last forms were signed XX/XX/XXXX, but still no money. We escalated to a formal complaint on XX/XX/XXXX. Still no money. They have an original death certificate & multiple copies provided via different methods over the past few months. XXXX XXXX XXXX at the XXXX XXXX, XXXX, VA, branch where forms were signed wo n’t answer the phone & wo n’t return calls. The ” Enterprise Estate Unit ” contact of XXXX XXXX has n’t communicated in days. We have no idea where the account stands, and no one can tell us why it ca n’t be closed. We ‘ve been waiting months & need this money!

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