Account opening, closing, or management

I am one of Wells Fargo ‘s victims from their latest lawsuit regarding bank accounts opened by their employees without our consent. What happened to me is that about 1 1/2 years ago I called customer service because I wanted to change my account numbers, I thought someone had stolen my info so I asked for a new # ‘s. The bank Rep said no problem. So I thought he changed them and I was told to wait for my debit cards. I received the cards and I thought one was my savings account and the other my checking account, since I did n’t really use online banking I was not aware he had added XXXX new accounts. I trusted the bank, because I had no reason not to. So until not too long ago, like sometime the beginning of this year, I found out that I actually had XXXX checking and XXXX savings account?? I was talking to a bank representative and they told me that I had cancelled XXXX bank accounts and ordered XXXX new ones! I said that ‘s not true, I only wanted my account numbers changed. Somehow he was able to manipulate the whole conversation into it being for my best interest and made me believe that I was n’t being charged any money for the XXXX account! I was n’t really using that account anyway! if I did ever use it it ‘s because I thought it was my savings account! I did not need XXXX checking accounts. Then I fractured my back this XXXX and was immobile, this happened in XXXX 2016, so my so called trusted friend/partner was in house helping me and being that I was not able to do much, I trusted him to run errands and so on. Well this person new about my extra checking account and new that I did not really use it, so he took advantage of that and started taking out internet loans under my name and had them deposited to my second checking account with my social but different email and phone # ‘s, this way I would n’t find out right away! He had access to all my information because he was helping me out. I found out after when I got a phone call from the bank telling me that I was overdrawn, by this time he was gone! What can I do? I was swindled and used! I felt so guilty and I blamed myself for everything! I called the bank and told them that I did n’t authorize these loans and transactions but that I felt guilty because I let this person in my home and he was able to access my account info! The bank told me that it was n’t my fault and that they would investigate! Then I was asked about that second checking acct? and I said I did n’t ask for it! it was just put on my name! so my sister told me about the WF lawsuit and that I should inquire because I should have never had that XXXX checking acct, So I called WF and asked about the lawsuit and had them investigate my accounts because I think I ‘m a victim with that XXXX checking acct imposed on me! And they went back 2 years and agreed that I got scammed into an account without my knowledge and said that all they charged me was {$10.00} dollars for 1 1/2 yrs! and that they would reimburse me! that ‘s it!! I do n’t believe for one second that a second checking account was given to me for free! you have to keep a high amount of $ to not be charged monthly! so they are lying to me! plus if they did n’t impose that account on me then I would n’t be in the predicament I ‘m in! having an extra checking acct only made it possible for me to be vulnerable to predators to take advantage of my non use of that acct!! So I feel they are part responsible for what has happened to me with that bogus acct that they gave me and I feel that they are lying to all their customers in the fees that they actually charged on their accounts!! I would like to get info on whom can help me get to the truth and for wells fargo to acknowledge there fault and start paying what was really charged to their accts! and paying for damages caused to their customers because of these scam accts! my credit will be ruined too! WF needs to make this right!

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