Account opening, closing, or management

On XXXX I went to a PNC branch ) XXXX to request a new XXXX PNC card for the one I had misplaced, The Bank employee who I did not know attended to this matter and then began to ask question about my employment, commenting as a lawyer I must make a lot of money and then asking me how much I made a year — none of which questions did I answer.
A week or so later I received a letter advising me that an account had been opened for me which turned out to be a line of credit — which I NEVER asked for. I complained to the bank and on XXXX/XXXX/16 I was advised that my loan has been paid in full. There was NO loan and I asked that my records would be corrected to show the TRUTH. This was not done and subsequently I was advised that ” my recent credit bureau dispute about information furnished by PNC, Bank National Association to the consumer reporting agencies ” had been resolved as a ” soft inquiry ” rather than a ” hard inquiry, ” There was NO dispute between me any credit bureau ; any ” dispute ” could only be one created by PNC.
When asked various time to correct my records to reflect the TRUTH, and not paper over then to the benefit of the bank — that has not occurred. I then wrote to the PNC CEO asking for correction and of this time have had no response. My correspondence every step of the way is in the hands of PNC.

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