Account opening, closing, or management

Cont Case number : XXXX.XX/XX/XXXX, I reviewed my closed accounts with Ally.The reason I had to check my account was because my husband ‘s work had not had time to update the direct dep. infor in time to issue a paper check.After he could not track down his check which after XXXX was currently direct deposited into our joint checking account, his payroll told him to check his bank account.I checked my ” CLOSED ” Ally account to find out that they reopened the account in order to receive his direct dep.! After spending hours on the phone with a supervisor on XXXX from Ally, and she telling me there was absolutely no way that my account could be reopened and after several transactions that were already declined by my account, Ally suddenly decided to accept my husband ‘s direct dep?! I spent valuable time on my work day ( s ) trying to understand why Ally had closed my joint and personal checking account ( s ) in the first place and now they suddenly reopened the account! What had happened in order for them to do this? After having been on the phone for hours with Ally the previous Monday, I was back on the phone on XXXX evening for their stupidity that is gravely effecting our family ‘s life. I called and spoke to a gentleman who took me through the rigemroll that I always experience with Ally.Customer service reps who lie and/or tell the customers inaccurate info. After hours, several holds and at the cost of our kids not being able to XXXX, the rep informed me that they had made a mistake.Ally would be sending our check via mail and it would take 7 to 10 business days! I immediately said I wanted to speak to whomever I could in order to transfer this money immediately. I said that I had institutions set up through this account so I could immediately transfer the funds into another bank and that would take 3 bus. days MAX! This was our money and how were we supposed to function? The rep placed me on hold again and told me that he had Ally place a rush on the check delivery and that we would receive the check in 3/4 business days. I agreed that would be fine but that I would check daily due to being lied to time and time again by Ally. The following day I saw that Ally had begun to deduct funds from whatever for my other accounts, I ‘m still unclear as to why they made certain deductions but nothing was showing my account status changing.I noticed that I was able to transfer funds and clear up a negative balance that Ally was showing in my personal checking account that had been magically reopened again as well. By that time, I was convinced I had received inaccurate information from the customer rep I had spoken to on XX/XX/XXXX, so I immediately took action, and set up a transfer to have the remainder of our funds showing in our personal checking account sent to an outside institution. Ally set up the transfer and verified it ( document included ). I felt so relieved! My transfer was set up on XX/XX/XXXX and on XX/XX/XXXX, I received a paper check from Ally informing me that they had withdrawn the funds and how they had done everything with no charge to myself ( doc included ). Upon receiving the paper check, I checked my account status with Ally and saw that all accounts were closed.Done! just waiting on the resolution for my daughter ‘s account that initiated this chain of events. On XX/XX/XXXX, I also received an email confirming the close of my joint checking account ( doc enclosed ). On XX/XX/XXXX, I received a new email from Ally informing me that I had new correspondence. XX/XX/XXXX, I checked my accounts, thinking this had something to do with our ongoing dispute.Ally was charging me for the funds transfer I had set up and is now showing a balance of – {$1000.00} in my supposedly closed joint checking account. No funds have transferred to my outside institution and now, they reopened this account and have charged me an overdraft fee for {$25.00}

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