Account opening, closing, or management

Currently I have no way of viewing my Checking account online or view my Statements because I have my statements done electronically. I called the ban today to find out why I can not view my checking account online and they referenced XXXX. When I called this number the number referenced XXXX. I have no way of finding out how much the bank actually put me in debt on the XXXX of XXXX due to a bank error in their online banking. This error cause my bills to be paid out double and created an over draft. When I identified the issue I ensured I contacted the bank and emailed the bank. In XXXX 2015 I was identified by the XXXX as a possible target of Identity theft and cyber threat. The day after being notified by my Chain of Command I was a victim of identity theft through XXXX ( Military Credit Card ). This is the card I used to make a transaction to a Company that was hacked. After notification I notified First Citizens Bank to my best abilities without violating any XXXX Policies. They put a freeze on my account, and later I found out after they lifted the freeze that a new account was established and a debit card was issued to the wrong account, and I could no longer use my checks. After this issue was cleared with the bank, I ran into the issue of the double payments. Now I have done my best to reverse all the double payments but now the bank has closed my account and I have no way of seeing any statements or know how much is left to pay. This was a bank error on First Citizens part and I am paying for the bank error. Also transfer fees from bank to bank. I have requested a letter from the bank to myself, for First Citizens to identify the issue that occurred, however they have yet to respond to my request via the internet or online services. I have been diligently trying to correspond via email with First Citizens Bank. The difference that is owed should not exceed about or an estimated XXXX dollars. When I spoke with XXXX the Branch advisor she told me to ignore the letters that were coming in the mail that I would have enough time to adjust reverse payments and also transfer money into the account. I explained that I would no longer be banking with First Citizens Bank because this was a huge error on their part and they did not want write a letter clarifying the issues.

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