Account opening, closing, or management

In XXXX, I received a call from a banker from Citibank informing me that someone was on the phone posing as my husband and attempting to establish a credit line with them. I informed them during the call this was not possible due to my husband being deceased and was informed that the person on the call had disconnected and no further steps needed to be taken. I then later on, received notification by mail from Citibank XXXX/XXXX/XXXX, addressed to my deceased husband, informing that an account had been opened using his info and there was suspicious activity reporting. In the letter it contained a number to follow up with, if this account had not been set up by the addressed person ; I immediately followed up with Citibank and made them aware no account was opened due to my husband being deceased since XXXX and also that i had spoken with someone previously to address this. I was made aware that steps would be taken to resolve this matter and on XXXX/XXXX/XXXX did receive additional follow up to inform that an investigation was completed and account would be closed and forwarded to the credit bureaus to be addressed. How is it possible that a person being deceased that long, with reports being sent over to the social security administration initially to make aware, can still have someone open up a new credit card and use this. This is n’t something that should be able to happen, and the way all of this was addressed from the opening of the account until the resolution was n’t handled properly.

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