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Hello CFPB, Paypal permanently limited my account out of nowhere over XXXX months ago claiming my account was high risk and falsely claiming I operate a MSB. On XX/XX/2016 they limited me for the first time after my first week of using Paypal to sell. I explained to them what I was doing and eventually they said I was clear to keep going and on XX/XX/2016 they restored my account.

Fast forward to XX/XX/2016, the Paypal compliance department emails me saying my account is to high risk. They also claim the exact same thing I got permission to keep selling from a Paypal employee when I got unlimited in XXXX 2016 was not allowed. I originally submitted my business model to them when they first limited me in XXXX and they cleared me to keep going, a Paypal agent personally told me on the phone on XX/XX/2016 that what I was using Paypal for was allowed. Regarding them saying my account is high risk, out of over XXXX people I had transactions with on Paypal XXXX only XXXX people ended up disputing a payment with me. XXXX of the cases were cancelled by the buyers who filed the disputes before Paypal even had to make a ruling after I contacted the buyers myself and got the situation sorted, the third case was originally a loss but I appealed it afterwards showing the ID verification I got from the customer and the logs on their account proving it was an authorized transaction and ended up winning that case, and the last and only transaction I actually lost out of over $ XXXX volume I did on Paypal in the span of 7 months was for {$5.00}, and the buyer who filed the dispute on me also filed disputes on over XXXX other people, it was a blatant scammer who stole from multiple people including me. The reason for my near flawless record is because I have a KYC policy and verified every customer that I had on Paypal, I even offered to send Paypal compliance department all of these records but they just responded with their default appeal declined email.

It is now XX/XX/XXXX and Paypal compliance department and Paypal themselves continuously maintain that I am permanently limited from Paypal forever. The worse part of all of this is that I had over {$720.00} in my account when I got limited in XX/XX/XXXX, and they refuse to let me withdraw the funds until after half a year! Nearly got kicked out of my apartment because this company is careless and has complete disregard for their actions, just go ahead and seize {$720.00} from me out of nowhere and hold it for half a year, thanks Paypal!

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