Account opening, closing, or management

The US Bank keeps adding additional fees of {$36.00} and {$25.00} for an Overdrawn Amount of {$440.00} which is unacceptable. As previously stated, the US Bank continue harassment is inflicting me with severe emotional stress. Every time the US Bank harass me I have to visit the local branch located XXXX, and ask the Manager to stop the continue harassment. This trip caused me stress as I am a XXXX with XXXX. Additionally to this, the US bank keeps e-mailing Urgent Notices with unacceptable wordings such as demanding immediate payment and/or collection action and/or bank account closure which is intentionally made to inflict me with severe emotional stress. The US Bank offers Overdraft Coverage to customers that open a Checking Account. The US Bank receives my income amount of {$1500.00} electronically deposit in my Checking Account on the XXXX. Wednesday of each Month as directed by the Social Security XXXX. The US Bank collects XXXX. Wednesday of each month all Overdrawn Amounts plus all Fees ; consequently the US Bank is not loosing any amount of money.

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