Account opening, closing, or management

In XXXX I signed up for a bank account with PNC Bank. My reason for signing up for this account was for the {$300.00} incentive that I would be recieving after completing a few requirements. After signing for my account I called PNC to ensure that I understood the requirements that I needed to meet. During the phone call I was told by the representative that because I work for XXXX I was actually eligible for a {$400.00} incentive and that I only needed {$1000.00} direct deposit instead of {$2000.00}. Once I met the XXXX requirements necessary to recieve my incentive I called back in to PNC and asked them if I comepleted everything that I needed to. The representative that I spoke with let me know that all I needed to do was sign up for the workplace banking and in order for me to do that I needed to go into a PNC branch. I then went into the PNC branch and an advisor sat down with me and signed me up for the workplace banking. I asked him if that was all I needed to do in order to recieve my {$400.00} incentive and he said that I completed the requirements and should recieve my money within 60 days. Sometime around XX/XX/XXXX I called into PNC to discuss my new auto loan with them. While on the phone I asked about when I would recieve my {$400.00} incentive for signing up for the bank account. The representative looked over everything and let me know that I would not be recieving my {$400.00} due to the fact that in order to be eligible for that incentive I needed to recieve an email invite or an invite from a PNC representative for the workplace banking. I let the agent know that I was lead to believe that I would be recieving this money from multiple representatives of PNC and that I do n’t understand how I am ineligible all of a sudden. She explained that there was nothing that she could do about the {$400.00}, but that she could sign up for the promotion that would have me recieve a {$300.00} incentive. After that phone call I went in to the PNC branch, again, on XXXX XXXX to see if there was anything that could be done what happened. I spoke with a consultant who told me that there was nothing that could be done about what I was previously told about being eligible to recieve {$400.00}. He then told me that I was not even eligible to recieve the {$300.00} promotion that I was signed up for. The consultant told me that the only incentive I was eligible for was {$200.00}. After discussing my issues and frustrations he just told me that nothing could be done and that this was the best that he could do. A few days I called PNC to ask them when I would be recieving my money and the representative told me that I was not eligible to recieve the {$200.00} or any of the other previous incentives I was signed up for. She said that she needed to contact the PNC branch to further review everything and that I should be recieving a call from the assistant manager by the end of the business day. I still have yet to recieve a phone call.

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