Account opening, closing, or management

Wells Fargo opened numerous accounts that were unauthorized starting approx. XXXX, including XXXX credit card. One time a significant amount of money was transferred into my new account. I brushed it off as employee incompetence, and because I had a large number of automatic withdrawals coming out of that account each month, chose not to change banks.

After hearing that Wells Fargo did this millions of times, I called to have my account closed immediately. I had a previous issue with overdraft fees being charged that should not have been charged, and an unauthorized transaction in the amount of nearly {$4000.00}, so I was overdraft at the time. On Sunday, XXXX XXXX, XXXX, I called to finally close my account. I told them I had been the victim of the fraudulent schemes and was sick of being charged overdraft fees for unauthorized transactions. They refunded enough fees to get my account to a balance of XXXX and told me it was closed.

I wanted my account closed immediately due to fraud, and notified the multiple companies whose payments were debited automatically from that account, however most told me that the pending payments could not be stopped. Wells Fargo in fact apparently did NOT close my account, and charged me, as of today, nearly {$1200.00} in overdraft fees for these transactions I was not able to stop. ( The whole reason I went to the trouble of closing my account was because they committed fraud and forgery to begin with, which was their doing to begin with. ) After calling their customer service number, I was told they would waive approximately 15 % of the fees. I told them I was n’t paying any of the fees because I had to immediately close my account due to their fraudulent activities and could not stop the automatic payments. Furthermore, I do not understand how a ” closed ” account could incur those fees. They accused me of not having closed the account, even though all my other accounts were closed that day, and I have phone records to prove I was on the phone that day XXXX XXXX XXXX ) with them. Furthermore, they credited exactly enough fees to bring my balance to {$0.00}. They accused me of lying. My wife heard the conversation as well.

Finally, I began receiving autodialed calls trying to collect the overdraft balance that I do not owe. I told Wells Fargo they were harassing me and I did not ever wanted to be contacted by their bank again, for any reason. They responded that they took my phone number off the account but that I may receive future calls because my account is overdraft. I responded that I would sue them for harassment if they did not leave me alone.

I want my account CLOSED, the fees that I DO NOT owe taken off, and I want Wells Fargo to stop harassing me immediately. Further, I want compensation for all the time I have wasted the past 3 years dealing with their fraudulent accounts and fees.

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