Account opening, closing, or management

On Monday XXXX XXXX 2016, I proceeded to the Chase Bank in XXXX XXXX IL. The sole purpose of my visit was to take my mom in to close her current account and to open up a new one, due to a scam that she encountered due to a purchase on the internet. Once that was completed I proceeded to open me a new account with chase, based upon a conversation that I had with a representative stating that I could do so because I no longer owe chase that money. So I proceeded, the account was opended and I went home, The following day XXXX XXXX 2016. I proceeded to enter a Chase branch in XXXX IL to request a different design debit card. At that time I was told that my account was closed, they snatched my debit card, and pushed me out of the Branch without a explanation. I then called the customer service number, who informed me of the same thing. but yet did not tell me why. Only that they will mail me a check, my account is closed, and no one else in the whole company can tell me why my account is closed. The funny part is, here today XXXX XXXX 2016 and my account is still open per my Chase mobile app, with the XXXX still in my account.That was my only means of money and yet they still have the account open, so how is that possible when chase was rude and lied and did not give an explanation!!!!!! I was treated unfairly and discriminated against!!

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