Account opening, closing, or management

Case number : XXXX I do not have any response to this case from the Chase Bank, they are ignoring me!
I demand from them full refund for all stolen money from my accounts, plus the new robbery, plus XXXX % fee.
If I will receive my money back, or not I will write complaint to the F.B. I. and ask them for Initiation of investigation regarding this crime.

Employees in any bank are doing mistakes, doing problems to custumers and no one is responsibile for that and are not punished.
One of problems which they did for me XX/XX/2014.
I wanted to change my company name. Lady in XXXX Chase bank copied my documents and said, that I will receive new banking card with new business name for about one week. I received new card, however still was old company name on the card.
I drove to the bank and the lady called to the people. She said, that new card I will receive within about one week.

I received new card, but again, still was old business name on the card. She again called to the people and complained this problem.
After about week I received new card, but this time was the new business name.

Yes, three times I traveled to Chase bank regarding this easy thing. Will pay me bank for lost time and nerves? I heard sorry, bot who can buy something for a sorry?

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