Account opening, closing, or management

For two months, Wells Fargo has been taking money from my account to cover the overdraft of someone else ‘s account. This last time they took all of my paycheck to the point of me losing my job because I could not fix my vehicle. Lost my vehicle because I could not work. Have no food due to no job and vehicle so no money. I am sick and tired of this. The account they used my money to cover has a guaranteed deposit the XXXX of every month which would make it positive again. Corporate office of Wells Fargo refuses to replace the money because it is their right of write-off policy. They say it is my consumer policy that I was given when I opened the account. I receive not such policy in the paperwork I was given. They refuse to contact me before taking money from me. They refuse to talk to the other account holder. This is Theft and they all need to be thrown in prison for life.

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