Account opening, closing, or management

Wells Fargo Bank closed my IRA CD in error and sent a check for the balance to another financial institution without my knowledge or written approval. This is the account that I had arranged to draw my required minimum distribution. When I discovered this error, I went to the local branch of Wells Fargo and asked the bank to place a stop payment on the check and reopen the IRA account they closed in error. They refused to place a stop payment, but stated they would request the return of the funds and treat it as a rollover, not a correction of the Bank error.
When the check arrived at the other financial institution, they processed it to my IRA account with them as a direct transfer. At this point I decided it was in my best interest to leave the funds at the new institution.
Even though the amount of the lost interest is minimal, Wells Fargo never offered to reimburse me for this loss.
I have since requested a letter from Wells Fargo acknowledging their error for my records in the event of an IRS issue. To date, I have heard nothing from Wells Fargo.

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