Account opening, closing, or management

I opened a CitiGold account to take advantage of a XXXX AAdvantage XXXX promotion that was offered for having a Citi AAdvantage card. I registered using the code provided to me, completed all steps ( Make {$1000.00} in debit purchases and make two months of consecutive bill pay ), and waited the 90 days for the points to post ( Paying {$90.00} worth of monthly fees in the process ). I called in and was told that I satisfied all requirements necessary, that my account was eligible, and that I was targeted and perfectly qualified to get the points. I had n’t heard anything after 150 days and called in. The CSR agreed that again that I was eligible and that they ‘d file a note for their supervisor to check on it. I received the note and was promptly told that Citi would not be honoring the promotion as ” there was not an AAdvantage Miles promotion offered in conjunction with the opening of your account. ” This directly contradicts everything that their own Customer Service Reps told me both over the phone and through Citi ‘s online chat service. I would like them to honor this promotion after I signed up through the offer that was through my AAdvantage Citi card and after their reps told me time and time again that I was qualified and would be receiving the miles soon.

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