Account opening, closing, or management

I opened an account with USBANK only to retrieve cashers ‘ checks to move into my new place from Oregon to XXXX XXXX Nevada. I opened the account with {$50.00}. The personal banker XXXX XXXX on XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX never read a disclosure or informed me that a hard inquiry on my credit was going to be pulled. I signed some electric pin pad that I assumed was just to sign for the checking account. XXXX points were taken from my FICO score. Since opening the account, I have learned that I have a checking and savings account with a secure credit line, and there is a {$6.00} fee per month that was never disclosed to me until my husband was put on the account. I NEVER asked for these services, I wanted a simple checking account to get cashiers ‘ checks from my main online bank that I do business with. This account was supposed to be mainly for my husband on the account, for when he moved here. I called XXXX XXXX 2 times to explain the situation, with no follow up. He stated he would talk with the branch manager. I called XXXX other times and left messages with no result. All I want to do is close my account. All that should have been checked is XXXX ; my credit should never have been pulled. I feel I was tricked and deceived. I filed a complaint on the wrong bank previously. My mistake it is USBANK. I received a call from a XXXX whom stated it would filed, yet I have received no future response stating my credit has been cleared up with the Credit Bureaus. the only thing that was resolved is the credit line is gone. I need my credit reports to reflect I have all my points back with no Inquiry from USBANK.

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