Account opening, closing, or management

Chase Bank closed out my savings account without even notifying me. I am now in fear that they will do the same for my checking account. I went to a branch to ask why was my savings account closed, and I was told that it was probably because I was n’t using it, which is not true. I have also observed that regardless of the fact that when I opened the account, I used one of their coupons, not only did I ever get the amount on the coupon, but I was told that I do not qualify for it AFTER I signed up and changed my deposits to go to JP Morgan Chase Bank. I do n’t know if they use these as bait for people to join the bank.

I was also informed, the day that I opened the account, that since I am a military veteran, that I would qualify for benefits, such as not having to pay the fee for Cashiers Checks..they have so far honored that. However, I never get reimbursed for any of my non-chase ATM fees, which was something that I am pretty sure the banker told me was a perk for military veterans.

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