Account opening, closing, or management

Myself and XXXX business partners opened a business account together. Each of us deposited {$100.00} and each of us was listed on the account as 33.33 % owner. A week or so later, we returned to the bank to open a XXXX account, so that the group we contracted to manage the invoices, billing, receivables etc. So they could manage this part of our business through a separate account. I had ‘all access ‘ to all our business accounts, as expected. ” XXXX XXXX ” decided, he wanted to sell the business.
When the sale was finished. I tried to retrieve all account balances though, texting ” BAL ” to the ” text number ” for bank, the reply only returned my personal account information..I thought, that was strange so, I tried to use my online banking to view the accounts. It said ” account do n’t exist ” ..That ‘s when I went to my local branch to check on the accounts. The assistant took my drivers license information & looked them up and he only found an account from about 15 years earlier. I told him, that was incorrect. He asked me to wait & he went into a office. I decided, I needed a witness. I went to the car and asked my friend to come in as a witness. We returned to his desk before he had returned. He then returned to tell me. He looked them up and said ” you ‘re not on those accounts, I ca n’t provide you with any information on them ”. I told him, He needed to get someone else who could help. He went back into the same office to return, with the area Manager who happen to be there. I upsetly explained to him, I was a owner of XXXX business and was on those accounts. He should be able to see that! I asked how could Wells Fargo take me off my own business account without my knowledge?? I told him, I needed the bank records! He said, I was n’t on the account while shrugging his shoulders and continued denying me access to my account.. I asked for their attorney ‘s number. Being cheecky-he said ” it ‘s on the website ”! By then, I was even more upset that the area manager was n’t even helping me, him and XXXX male associates standing over us like alpha males. They all knew someone from ” Wells Fargo ” removed me from my business account and allowed those accounts to be closed by ” XXXX XXXX ” at his local branch in NC. My friend tried to comfort me and talk to them. Explaing she has been with me to the bank during transaction, telling them I was an owner. None of her words made a difference in their decision to help me. We left she continued to try and comfort my worries. Many of the employees at that branch knew me for 8 years of banking service for another business. We used this same branch to open XXXX Business accounts. The female clerks, that knew me had planned on opening my next account. After all that happen, I was so disappointed, distraught & I even felt betrayed by Wells Fargo and the employee ( s ) who did this to me.. I still ca n’t pass the branch without feeling sad … This went for so long because, I knew Wells Fargo is a Mega Player in the financial world. I thought there was no hope in resolving this issue, without a ton of money to hire an attorney. Until I was looking on the XXXX website and found this method, Thank you!

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