Account opening, closing, or management

My wife and I visited the Chase Bank branch at XXXX, XXXX, KY on XX/XX/2017 around XXXX AM to open new checking accounts. We were prompted to open these checking accounts because Chase mailed and emailed us vouchers to receive {$300.00} for opening each account and personal friends had also referred us. XXXX was assigned to assist us in this matter. His first question to us was ” where do you work? “. After informing him that we are both were XXXX employees he asked us what we were going to do with our XXXX accounts. We advised him we would be keeping those accounts open. He then asked what we would be using our new Chase accounts for and I advised we would be using those accounts for miscellaneous savings, etc. It was then that XXXX XXXX advised he would not be opening the new accounts for us unless we closed our XXXX accounts and he tossed the Chase Voucher and our ID ‘s back across the desk to us ( RUDE! ). Confused, I questioned him further about this and he advised that he did not believe we were going to use our new Chase accounts and would just close them in 6 months. Upon clarifying that we would indeed keep the Chase accounts open and meet all of the requirements of the offer he stated that we would not be closing our XXXX accounts. He reiterated that he would not open the accounts for us and advised that he would get his manager XXXX involved. When XXXX XXXX arrived in the office to speak with us she advised that Chase would not be honoring the vouchers and would not open accounts for us because XXXX XXXX told her we were not planning to keep the accounts open and would not be ” using ” the accounts. I advised XXXX XXXX that we intended to meet the minimum requirements ( set up direct deposit and keep the account open for 6 months ) and would keep the accounts open further if we enjoyed the service we received from Chase during that time. I advised we intended to have direct deposit active on the accounts and would be moving money in and out of the accounts, but she did not seem to believe that was qualifying usage of the accounts. She then advised that I had previously opened a Chase account with a coupon about 10 years ago and did not keep it open. However, I believe that account was my primary checking account and I did keep it open for the required period of time and more. It was only when I moved out of state that I closed the account because I did not know if there would be Chase branches in my new area. I am deeply insulted by my experience in trying to open these new accounts and feel that my wife and I have been discriminated against because of our employment with another banking institute. In addition to this occurrence while my wife and I we waiting in the lobby to meet with XXXX XXXX we both were able to clearly observe XXXX ‘s business interactions with another customer who was in his cubicle/office which has an open door and clear glass windows. We were able to hear their entire conversation and at a certain point XXXX XXXX pulled that customer ‘s XXXX score. After pulling the XXXX score up on his monitor he swiveled the monitor around so that it was facing directly out the window into the lobby and I could clearly see the customer ‘s score was XXXX. Being in the banking business I understand well that this is a clear violation of Customer Confidentiality regulations and should be dealt with as such.

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