Account opening, closing, or management

I signed up for a Citigold checking account ( from Citibank ) based on a promotion that I was targeted for. Once I met the requirements, I was to be credited XXXX XXXX XXXX points. The day I met the requirements, I sent Citibank a secure message asking them to confirm that I had met the requirements and I would be credited the XXXX XXXX XXXX points. Citi confirmed this, and said I would receive the points when my statement closed XX/XX/XXXX. It is now XX/XX/XXXX, and I still have not received the points. Every time I contact someone from Citibank in regards to this issue I get a different story. The first time, they said that I needed to provide them with my XXXX XXXX account number. After I provided them with the number, I still did not receive the points. I called in again a few weeks later, and was told by a supervisor ( XXXX ) that the case was still under investigation and I should hear something at the end of the week. I did n’t hear back, so I called them again and spoke to a man named XXXX ( call center rep located in XXXX, employee ID number XXXX ) on XXXX XXXX and he confirmed that I would be receiving the points in ” either two days or at the beginning of my next billing cycle ). He had also confirmed that Citi ‘s back office had confirmed that I was targeted for the offer. It has been several weeks later since XXXX XXXX. My billing cycle has ended, and I still have not received the points. I reached out to Citi again today ( XXXX XXXX ) and they still do n’t have an answer for me. I ‘m sick of the run-around and they do n’t seem to care about giving me what ‘s promised. I have attached all supporting documents that I could find. Please help. Thank you.

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