Account opening, closing, or management

After I was terminated by my former employer. The moment my credit card/mortgage with Navy Federal Credit Union fell behind, they completely locked out my online access/phone access to all my accounts. I never received, or was able to access ANY statements for any account. I was enrolled in multiple automatic debits, and paperless statements from my account to numerous other payees. With no access I was unable to find out all the automatic debits to be paid by any account. This caused several automatic debit to bounce and overdraft fees added. This went on for several months, never once did I receive a statement, regardless of how many phone calls I made. I was more focusing on the fact my only source of income was my XXXX, which they decided to use any way they wanted without any regard for the law. The only time I was able to get a statement of my accounts and effectively shut off all the automatic debits. I had to drive over XXXX miles XXXX way, to the nearest branch in XXXX, TX. When I confronted the branch manager about the money they took illegally, she simply stated ” I will see that letter, when I see it. ” That is another issue that I will be dealing with. I HAVE NOTICED THEY HAVE CHANGED THEIR ONLINE ACCESS POLICY. You still have access to statements even if you are behind on payments. XXXX more thing, every time I called to request a statement during that time period, the phone call went directly to the collections department who stated they were unable to request a statement for me.

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