Account opening, closing, or management

Hello, I opened up a virtual wallet checking account with PNC on XX/XX/XXXX I believe. I opened it up with a promo code attached to it that was ” Get {$300.00} if a {$5000.00} direct deposit was made and XXXX debit card purchases were done. ” I fulfilled those requirements. I chatted with a PNC customer service representative named ” XXXX ” on XX/XX/XXXX about it. I will be attaching a screenshot of the conversation. However, he acknowledges that it is active for my account. I waited the required 60 days and my bonus never posted to my account. I chatted online on XX/XX/XXXX with a ” XXXX ” ( screenshot is attached ). She says that I do not have a virtual wallet account anymore and my savings account is closed out. I was confused and never asked or was informed by PNC that my account was being changed like this. XXXX says I am not eligible for the bonus now. It seems like PNC is trying to avoid paying out the bonus. I

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