Account opening, closing, or management

On XXXX XXXX, 2016 I requested a transfer of {$2000.00} from my saving account ( XXXX saving XXXX ) to my checking account ( XXXX + XXXX checking XXXX ) I was told I could not make this transfer because there was a hold on my account because there was no signature card on file.
REGIONS BANK CUSTOMER SERVICE e-mailed me a blank signature card and requested I have it NOTAEIZED and e-male it to them ( attached ).
I complied with this request ( attached ) 3 times each time I was told to go a local branch I live in XXXX there is no local branch so I mailed the form with a return recipe ( attached ). I was told this was a copy and not accepted. and sent another form I had that form NOTARIZED and mailed to them. note : raised stamp is not required in VIRGINIA I have had a checking account with Regions Bank for over 15 years.

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