Account opening, closing, or management

As per the included statements I emptied and closed my account ( # XXXX ) with TD Bank on the XXXX of XXXX 2016 in response to their inability to provide competent service.
At that time I demanded that the account be closed immediately and was assured by the branch manager on site and the attending teller that this was the case.
Post closing of the account I am being advised by TD Bank that there are charges against this account pertaining to the US-XXXX exchange differential. This check was deposited on XXXX XXXX 2016 in the amount of XXXX.
This deposit was made, as I have always understood to be done, with and exchange rate differentials being applied at the time of deposit otherwise the transient exchange rate would not be applicable do to the variance over the deposit process interval.
I believe this to be a clear demonstration of the gross incompetence of the this branch and possibly TD Bank in general.
I spoke at length with the TD Bank Overdraft Collections Department ( XXXX ) who advised me that the problem originates with the TD Bank branch I dealt with and that resolution attempts must be directed to this branch. I withdrew all funds and closed my TD Bank account because of the incompetency of the people in that branch and the failure of their administration to recognize the problem. As such I see no reason to believe the people at this branch are any more competent now than they were XXXX/2016 when I closed the account and contacting them would be futile.
For what it is worth the exchange rate on the day of deposit was approximately XXXX US/XXXX. . This is not accurately represented by the {$2400.00} depicted in the statement again providing an indication of the incompetency of this institution.
It is and always has been my understanding that when an account is closed it is no longer subject to any further transactions.
I seek your assistance in this matter and will refrain from any contact with TD BANK until I hear from you.

Thank You, XXXX XXXX

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