Account opening, closing, or management

I came across promotional banner on Citibank website for opening a checking account and a {$400.00} bonus with a qualifying deposit. I decided to apply online using promo code XXXX provided at the start of the application process. Few days later, I reached out to Citibank customer service through online chat. The online agent confirmed my account was opened under the promotional code XXXX. He also confirmed the qualifying terms to receive the {$400.00} bonus : deposit a total of {$1500.00} within 30-calendar days and maintained the {$15000.00} minimum balance for 30-calendar days. Based on the promotional terms, I have met the required {$15000.00} balance within 16-days and have maintained at least {$15000.00} for 58-consecutive days. The {$400.00} bonus should have been deposited to my account by XX/XX/2017. I reached out to Citibank on XX/XX/2017, inquiring about the bonus. The online chat agent verified that I have met all qualifications for the {$400.00} bonus. But then she told me I failed to enroll in the promotion offer. I told her that she was mistaken as the promotional term states we simply need to open a checking account to participate in the offer. the only disqualifying criteria is for an existing Citibank account holders. She was not able to show me the verbiage in the offer, or proof to support her argument. At the end, she submitted my case and Citibank would respond within 5-7 days. Citibank has not gotten back to me and despite it their 90-days promise, I have yet to receive the bonus. This is the first financial service company I have ever had issues with, and I have been very lenient with the timeline. I ‘ve completed their requirements, and I wanted them to honor their promise. Do what they ‘ve promised … .and do what they should ‘ve done 44-days ago which is to deposit {$400.00} to my account.

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