Account opening, closing, or management

Last year, on my way to the airport to catch an international flight, I stopped at a Wells Fargo branch to pick up XXXX which I had ordered in advance for my business trip. Once I checked in with the Wells Fargo teller, she reviewed my account and immediately told me there were additional account opportunities that would benefit me ( as Wells Fargo tellers almost always do on branch visits ). I informed her I was in a rush to get to the airport for my flight and not interested in any additional services, only in picking up my advance order of XXXX. She told me that I would not be able to receive my XXXX until I opened the new checking account she was offering, suggesting that my existing checking account would soon expire and needed to be replaced, especially prior to international travel. Worried about being denied the XXXX I needed for my business travel and the possibility of my current debit card being declined abroad, I agreed to open the new account she was suggesting but only if it would take 5 minutes or less to set up. 40 minutes later, I was still sitting with a personal banker, finishing registration for a checking account that I was pressured into opening and did not need. I voiced my frustration with the Wells Fargo ‘s employees ‘ disregard for my urgency, was eventually given the XXXX I needed ( along with a hefty folder filled with information about my brand new checking account ), and was finally free to continue on to the airport for my flight, 45 minutes later than planned.

A few days later, I was still feeling uneasy about the experience I had at Wells Fargo, so I explained the situation to my father, a former Wells Fargo District President, who quickly told me that they had no business forcing me to open a checking account I neither wanted nor needed. He urged me to call Wells Fargo to have it closed immediately, which I did. My father had significant firsthand experience having worked within the company and knew what they had forced me to do was not right. ( In fact, his opposition to Wells Fargo ‘s suspicious operations led him to pursue a career in state Banking regulation. ) I have remained a customer of Wells Fargo purely for convenience reasons, though I am now hyper-aware of their slimy tactics to push unnecessary services on their customers. I can only hope that this experience did not negatively impact my credit score and that Wells Fargo never takes advantage of their other loyal customers in the same way.

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