Account opening, closing, or management

As of XXXX XXXX, I have not been able to pay on this Wells Fargo Acct # XXXX, the interest and late fees, just keep adding up, I would make weekly payments and it did not put a dent in this acct., I have tried to consolidate with Wells Fargo XXXX and was denied, I went with another Consolidation Company who has helped me consolidate my accts and have all been paid off including another W.F. acct .witch has been paid off, this W.F. acct is the only XXXX holding me back to start a better future, attached I have a statement that shows all the late fees and interest, what the problem is, that W.F. will not work with my consolidation company because on XXXX XXXX, XXXX they took a payment of {$960.00} from my daughters account, witch they have returned to us after I made a complaint with your bureau, when they took the money they said it made my account courant, but now no one knows how to adjust this problem to make my acct. past due since the money was returned to me, this has caused me a lot of stress because this is something I can not pay on my own, I am asking that you please help me to help them resolve this problem and work with me and the consolidation company, every time we call, they have been rude and say they do not know how to resolve this problem, if they would have never taken that money they would have excepted the payoff, I hope you can help me with this matter.

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