Account opening, closing, or management

I have been a Chase Bank customer since XXXX, in XXXX XXXX I was selling an item on XXXX and the buyer paid me with a certified check the check was written for more than what I was selling the item for, I questioned the buyer he told me the excess funds were for the shippers in order to send the item to him. I deposited the check in my account but something seemed strange as he kept messaging me to wire money to the address he provided. I immediately contacted Chase Bank ‘s fraud department on XXXX XXXX and told them of my concern regarding the check and the way the buyer was acting. The person at the fraud department told me I was the second person this week who was scammed by XXXX and they put a hold on the check I received a letter in the mail verifying this the phone call was also recorded and I also sent an email to XXXXXXXXXXXX as instructed by the Chase rep in the fraud department. On XXXX XXXX Chase released the funds into my account even though I warned them of the potentially fraud that this check posed. I then went to use my card on XXXX XXXX my card was declined I called Chase to ask what the issue was they told me my account was scheduled for closure but would n’t tell me why. I then went into Chase to talk to a account specialist she proceeded to call Chase and they told her my account was restricted and under investigation for fraud as a result of the check that Chase put through that I told them I felt was fraudulent. My account was then scheduled for closure all my checks written ahead of that time were returned and debits as well causing me to incur fees with those parties as well as damage my reputation further, my scheduled deposits were frozen as well causing me to miss my mortgage payment as well. Chase then sent me a letter regarding the account closure and also threatened that they would report this have it put on my credit report and inform other banks so I ca n’t open an account anywhere. I was a victim of fraud and alerted Chase to this they took it upon themselves to process this check into my account even after the fact how am I liable? Besides the threating letter the lack of communication at Chase bank is appalling, as there customer service and fraud department gave me a different excuse every time. I understand that the bank reserves the right as to how to handle accounts my only issue is that I do n’t want this to affect my credit, reputation, or ability to open a bank account as I exercised integrity and was forthright in this whole process.

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