Account opening, closing, or management

We have been customers of Chase bank for many years. Last week our debit cards stopped working so we went to the bank to get new ones, only to find out that chase had locked us out of our accounts and was severing their relationship with us. We tried to find out why but no one would tell us, stating only that it is the bank ‘s choice and they do not have to let us know except through the mail. ( as of one week and two days later we still have not received the letter ) We spent XXXX3 hours trying to find out what was happening but was never given the full answer. We finally were able to talk with someone in XXXX XXXX ‘s office ( supposedly ) and he was not much help either, although he did let it out which account was the problem. The account in question then turned out to be my XXXX XXXX XXXX daughter ‘s account. I informed him of that but he stated it did not matter that because I signed for her at the age of XXXX I ‘m still responsible. When I questioned him about how they close accounts and do the things they were doing, he said you signed the paper ( not an exact quote but very close ). When I informed him that no one ever told us that the bank could do this he stated ” we never disclose that ”. Upon hearing that I informed him that I was a realtor and we can be held liable for not disclosing even minor details in a contract. He again stated that they do not disclose these things. I ‘m not sure how they can get by without some sort of full disclosure but this seems to be the case. Because of this we have checks that have been returned even though there was enough money in our account to cover them.

Things we have found out on our own with no help from chase, is that my daughter made a huge mistake by giving her account info to a so-called employer and they ended up conning her out of several thousand dollars. Because of this they with no warning took our money and closed the accounts. When we contacted the bank to let them know it was fraud they were not willing to help. My daughter offered to pay back the amount she had been taken for in installments but basically they said no and we had to pay it now or they were ” turning it over ”.

We could use some help getting this giant company to be fair. They should not be allowed to get away with not having to disclose such relevant and important information and then to have the audacity to say ” we do n’t disclose that information ” is at the very least unethical and should not be allowed. Add to it their unwillingness to give any information or even the decency to let us know that they were even going to do such things is just wrong. Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

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