Account opening, closing, or management

I have been indicating that bank transfers be made to my XXXX, FL. Wells Fargo checking account since 1991. XXXX. More locally where I am a better permanent resident, I have a linked savings XXXX.
I realize how much we are not told, especially when the sums get closer and closer.
When it was a far fetched idea, it was talked about, and even a Wells Fargo purchase shield XXXX searches for it.
I believe the money has arrived, that was put there because they believed my grandfather had not enough name, from XXXX to impersonate him. My Father had the same problem being XXXX generation, not having enough to declare his house, that he had a 30 year mortgage to pay anyway.
That money that is leavened, and was put there in my name, that caused me trouble the whole way, that I found out about, should be available to pay IRS income taxes for my father ‘s estate, that I have the EIN number for. He had income for the past 7 years, but I ca n’t get a hold of his XXXX Wells Fargo account to pay it.

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