Account opening, closing, or management

In conclusion, one online bank rep cost me a lot of money but this company cost me a great deal of time.

One Friday in early XXXX, Ally Bank froze my debit card because of some {$3.00} charge I ‘ve yet to see any proof of. When calling to unlock my card, I had to answer my series of five security questions multiple times before being informed my card would have to be replaced. I did n’t have time to verify all my account information to get my card that night, and since the replacement was 7-10 business days away, I was in no rush for cash from them.
I called back early the next week to try again. I got my replacement card mailed and I waited until last week to activate it. I followed the steps and the automated systems said it was active. I went to get cash and found it was n’t working. When I called, a little irritated, I was told there was some issue and they would need to reissue another card. Another 7-10 business days! No thanks, I told them if they could n’t get this resolved in this call I was going to another bank.
They connected me to someone else, a 3rd person that morning, when this person asked me my security questions again. At that point in time the only point of view I had was ” I verified my security questions with them 2 times, on this call alone, this is the 6th call I ‘ve made to try and get money, this has to have been the 20th time I ‘ve answered their questions and they ‘ve done absolutely nothing, not one thing to make progress. ” I told them I was switching banks.

I signed up for another bank but it was too late. The rep locked my account so all my debits failed, including checks on joint accounts. They put a lock and told agents not to handle that I had to call a number and speak to someone specific.

This number did n’t work but they were instructed I had to call from a number on my account and NOT TO TRANSFER.

Essentially pushing me into a dead-end oath that cost me hundreds of dollars but more importantly, hours of my time.

I really wish there was some way to hold them accountable so companies with online-only presences are n’t exploited like this.

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